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Millhaven Farm Beef and Pork

Locally Farm Raised Grass-fed and Grain Finished Beef and Pork

At Millhaven Farm, we produce grass fed and grain finished beef and pork. We also have eggs on a limited base at this time. Our beef is from Angus cattle. We are a family operation that has been in operation for 32 years. Due to the response from our customers and the demand for locally grown meat, we strive to provide an affordable and enjoyable eating experience. We are located in the Piedmont of Catawba County in North Carolina and are easily accessible to the general public who enjoys a short ride in the country. Being a family owned farm, we have contact with our animals on a daily basis and know they get the best care available. Being locally grown and pastured raised, our beef is in a truly natural environment.

Mission Statement

The goal of Millhaven Farm is to produce affordable and quality locally grown beef and pork. Our products are grass fed and grain finished. We are striving for the sustainability of Millhaven Farm in the agricultural community for present and future generations.

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